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This is Alauda

Alauda Arvensis as an innovative company, initiated the first medical insurance scheme for senior citizens and achieved awards in recognition for the senior citizens medical plan, our great achievement and success. This product has now been duplicated in the market with varying degrees of success.

We believes in active participation in the community and as such has a robust CSR policy and participates in charity events. The company also supports the performing arts. We consider ourselves a department of our clients in matters relating to insurances. Each of our clients is unique and requires special covers and personalized service. We have provided our services to individuals, small and medium enterprises, non-governmental organisations and parastatal companies over the years. We offer our services to the discerning customer that requires friendly, professional and competent insurance service.

Get your contractors all risks cover in Kenya that insurers provide for contract works, machinery and contract materials on site and site offices. It is sometimes difficult for us to get good insurers that meet the criteria for our quality clients. Our criteria for company selection is that they have sound insurance underwriting standards and financial stability. We also consider their claims philosophy; we prefer insurers that look to assist the insured in the event of a claim as opposed to those whose claims philosophy is geared solely to minimizing claims expenses.

Arvensis is an integrity and zero corruption zone, we are all about having an ethical culture that permeates your entire organizational ecosystem and committing to doing what you say you will do.

Reflecting high ethical standards, we demonstrates to those around us the values and principles that define respect, confidence, integrity, trust and moral character

We make sure our services are accessible to all our clients and in the best of their interest and satisfaction

We are a well respected company and brand in the market with our loyalty and great customer experience

Strategic price points to best take advantage for maximum cover that our client needs.

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